Talent Calibration

Talent Calibration

The challenge

Trying to find top-tier talent gets in the way of innovation.

Companies have had distributed workforces for some time, but the recent health crisis forced everyone to adopt this new workstyle almost overnight.

Market leaders will increasingly shift their innovation efforts to teams that are staffed and managed remotely, with a combination of employees and freelancers.

Modern software engineering and agile management skill sets are hard to find and recruiting and onboarding lead times do not align with short innovation timelines

A better way to scale top-tier teams quickly

There are many outsourced staffing and freelance agencies that provide resources for software development, but most are not able to source premier talent with the skill sets it takes to build a digital innovation team.

We provide a solution that aligns digital talent to your value delivery goals during every phase of your innovation cycle.

To do this, we maintain a freelance network of remote software professionals for every aspect of the innovation process.

Each member is verified and continuously calibrated, based on their performance, team productivity, and professional growth, so their skills are always relevant for your innovation efforts and culture.

ProCode Staff opens more doors

With over 2,400 milestones delivered, and a Net Promoter Score of 87, ProCode Staff Innovation Management is a solution that technology leaders use to recruit, build, and manage dynamic teams that drive digital transformation.

ProCode Staff is the solution capability that provides on-demand talent from a global network of top innovators.

The network offers a full spectrum of the roles needed to scope, plan, develop, maintain and evolve digital software. During each project lifecycle, network members are continuously calibrated to their roles based on their skills, experience, results, and ability to collaborate.

The results? The best talent for the skills needed, at the right time, for every role in your innovation initiatives.

The key to successful innovation: Continuously calibrated digital talent.


Like a great recipe, a great team starts with understanding your raw ingredients. Staffing managers must understand the specific technical requirements for project success, then map those requirements to each team member. This requires a detailed understanding of your talent:

  • What specific technical skills are needed for success in this role?
  • Can these skills be reliably measured?
  • What level of technical skill does each team member have?
  • How have those skills been validated (e.g., by peer review or by certification)?
  • How recently have those skills been used and/or validated? How much brushing up will this person need?

Building innovative software requires a perfectly coordinated effort from teams of people, each with specialized and complementary skills. Getting a good outcome depends largely on finding the right ingredients and adding them to the mix at the right time.

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